Twenty One Pilots Bedroom Mural, 7′ x 5′, 2017, by Artist Charles C. Clear III

Twenty One Pilots Bedroom Mural, 7′ x 5′, 2017
Private Residence, Lincoln, Rhode Island
by Charles C. Clear III and Bonnie Lee Turner

The world’s biggest Twenty One Pilots fan is a pretty young girl who lives in Lincoln, Rhode Island. This mural was painted in her bedroom, and features Twenty One Pilots drummer Josh Dun and lead singer Tyler Joseph. We painted the two of them super large, and their realistic portraits fill the area from the ceiling to the top of the bed. Since the area behind the headboard would be hidden, we turned the bottom of the mural into drips that roll to the baseboard. Then, in the upper right corner of the wall, we painted the Twenty One Pilots logo in black letters.

Any great band and band logo can be painted as big as you like in a life size or larger-than-life hand painted mural. Contact me today to commission your Mural!

Charles C. Clear III

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