Toyota Scion Showroom Mural painted in Attleboro, Massachusetts Toyota Dealership by Artists Charles C. Clear III and Bonnie Lee Turner

Toyota Scion Showroom Mural, 50′ x 10′, 2002
Toyota, Attleboro, Massachusetts
by Charles C. Clear III and Bonnie Lee Turner

The Toyota Scion created quite a buzz when Toyota debuted the car several years ago. It was the first car line created for and marketed directly to the Generation X-ers. In 2002, the Toyota dealer in Attleboro, Massachusetts was nearing completion of their new Scion Showroom when they commissioned The Art of Life. They already had state of the art audio and video equipment, beautiful showcases for their aftermarket accessories, and lots of funky chrome furniture, but they still needed to spice up the long expanse of white walls at the rear of the Showroom.

After consulting with the good people at Toyota, we designed this mural to appeal to the Scion target audience. Capturing the rhythm and energy of the younger generation, the Mural features people dancing and jumping – all boldly depicted in semi-silhouette to increase the contrast and maximize the impact. It was exactly what they wanted.

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Charles C. Clear

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