Sand Castle Mural with Arches painted in the cafeteria of Bradley Hospital in East Providence, Rhode Island by Artists Charles C. Clear III and Bonnie Lee Turner

Sand Castle Mural With Arches, 19′ x 5′, 2010
Painted in the cafeteria of Bradley Hospital, East Providence, RI
by Charles C. Clear III and Bonnie Lee Turner

This Sand Castle Mural With Arches is located in a small room adjacent to the children’s main dining area at Bradley Hospital. This room is set aside for children with significant challenges who require special assistance. The design for this mural was carefully composed to brighten and enlarge an otherwise small room, provide a tranquil respite for the children and staff, and provide enough visual stimuli to hold the attention without overpowering the viewer. The mural features three arches with a view of the Narragansett Town Beach. It’s a beautiful summer day – with soft clouds dancing across a pastel blue sky while the surf laps gently against the shore. Wild roses peek up from below two of the windows, adding a burst of red and green. In the distance, the castle-like stone Towers of Narragansett glow warmly in the afternoon sun.

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Charles C. Clear III

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