Point Judith Seascape Study, 18″ x 24″, Oil on Canvas, 2011, by Artist Charles C. Clear III of Ocean State Art

Point Judith Seascape Study
18″ x 24″, Oil on Canvas, 2011
by Charles C. Clear III

This Point Judith Seascape Study of a Rhode Island scene beautifully captures a moment by the sea: The sun-drenched rocks, sprinkled with fiery reds and yellows, glow bright and hot as though they could burst into flames. The water rushes in to cool things down, and leaves speckles of white diamonds glistening in the early summer sun. The green moss holds fast to each rocks crags and crevices, forming fields of yellow and islands of blue. Soaked in salt spray, the rocks stand their ground against the rushing tide, as wave after wave explodes with a thunderous roar into a cloud of white mist. The relentless sea, with its deep purple and cobalt crests, looks like a silk tornado as it envelops the rocky shore.

This original painting of Point Judith Seascape Study is available for purchase. Inquire for pricing.

Fine Art Prints and Poster Art Reproductions of ‘Point Judith’ are available in a variety of sizes, and in a variety of media. Contact me for more information, and to discuss your specific needs.

Charles C. Clear III

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