Osterville Massachusetts on Cape Cod by Artist Charles C. Clear III

Osterville, Massachusetts
Oyster Harbors on Cape Cod
11″ x 14, Oil on Canvas, 2018
by Charles C. Clear III

I recently had occasion to visit a lovely home in Osterville, Massachusetts, which is a charming village on the southern coast of Cape Cod.

The view was spectacular! Just off shore is Dead Neck Island – a sizable tree-covered barrier breach that serves as a wildlife sanctuary. Off in the distance you can see Martha’s Vineyard, which, I am told, is roughly 12 miles offshore. This gorgeous seaside view is framed by tall trees nestled in a shady grove atop a hill.

I was captivated by the view, but I didn’t have the opportunity to paint on site. So I paid close attention to every detail of the changing light, and took several photo’s as a reminder of the beauty that I had witnessed. I painted the scene in my Studio soon after my visit.

This painting is available for purchase. Inquire for pricing.

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Charles C. Clear III

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