Hand Painted Family Portrait
48″ x 72″, Acrylic on Canvas, 2006
by Charles C. Clear III

This Hand Painted Family portrait is carefully composed, and takes into account the effect that ones environment has on a person and how they look. Inversely, a person will often have an effect on their environment and how it looks, for a persons surroundings are a direct reflection of who they are and the choices they make: who they love, what they wear, what pets they own, and how they choose to furnish their home. All of these things are an extension of their personality…their essence.

This full length Hand Painted Family Portrait of a couple from Mechanicsville, Virginia captures an exact likeness of both the subjects and their surroundings, and it is easily the most detailed portrait that I have ever painted. Note the fur and expression of the dogs, the print of the woman’s dress, the fabric on the chair, the pattern of the mans tie, the wood grain of the floor, the curio with the books and tea set, and the painting on the wall with the ornate gold frame.

For this Hand Painted Family Portrait, I traveled to Virginia to meet the clients and see their stately home. I then posed and photographed the young couple in various areas of their home, but it was the antechamber of their study that drew my attention as the ideal location.

Would you like to have your family portrait painted? My hand painted family portraits capture not only a person’s unique appearance, but also their personality! Every detail – even the most minute – is included and faithfully reproduced in a genuine work of art that you will enjoy for a lifetime!.

Charles C. Clear III

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