Fenway Park Mural, 12′ x 4′, 2006
Private Residence, Lincoln, Rhode Island
by Charles C. Clear III and Bonnie Lee Turner

This highly detailed Fenway Park Mural features a view from the Fenway Park Grandstand in Boston, Massachusetts.

People who love the Red Sox, really love the Red Sox! In Autumn of 2006, I was commissioned to create a mural of Fenway Park in the billiard room of a spectacular Rhode Island home. The approximately 12′ x 4′ mural is meticulously detailed, with architecture, signage, and the majority of the people in the crowd were painted individually – with facial features! To heighten the sense of realism and to add a bit of a trompe l’oeil effect, I included the pillars from the Fenway Grandstand and then framed the scene with faux wood molding to match the real wood in the room. I also included beers and binoculars on the painted shelf.

And one more thing to note: While painting the mural, I jokingly asked the homeowner if he would like to be painted into the mural being led out by Fenway security for wearing a Yankees shirt. He laughed, and asked if we could do just that – but with his son in law…

To commission a trompe l’oeil Sports Mural of your favorite scene, contact me today!

Charles C. Clear III

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