East Matunuck State Beach Painting, 24" x 36", Oil on Canvas, 2016, by Artist Charles C. Clear III of Ocean State Art

East Matunuck State Beach Painting
24″ x 36″, Oil on Canvas, 2016
by Charles C. Clear III

Matunuck is located in South Kingston, Rhode island, between Narragansett and Charleston. East Matunuck State Beach is one of Rhode Island’s many seaside treasures. Matunuck has about one mile of beautiful beach, with silky soft sand, and nice waves. On a clear day you can see Block Island, which is about 20 miles offshore. The big white Block Island Ferry Boats are a common sight. They are always leaving or returning to Point Judith Harbor, which is right at the east end of the beach. One reason why East Matunuck is my favorite beach is because they have a big, fairly new artsy pavilion with a snack bar, bathrooms, changing stalls, and a lifeguard tower.

In the summer of 2016, I spent many wonderful afternoons at East Matunuck. I like to swim, walk, or sit on the Lifeguard tower at the end of the day and watch the sunset. Whatever my activity, I am always eminently aware of the immense beauty that is all around me. It can be found in the color of the water, the way the light hits the surf on the shore; the shadows in the sand from a million people and seagull prints; the sea grass waving green and gold atop a golden dune; and the light that lights upon the clouds like a butterfly kiss, with hints of rose, blue, purple, and yellow. I’ve seen all of the beauty of Matunuck. I’ve sketched it on pads and on the canvas of my heart. I’ve painted it, so that others might see what I saw and feel what I felt.

This painting is my first painting of Matunuck. It features the magnificent blue sky and clouds that I saw on one late summer afternoon at East Matunuck State Beach.

This original painting is available for purchase. Inquire for pricing.

Fine Art Prints and Poster Art Reproductions of this painting are available in a variety of sizes, and in a variety of media. Contact me for more information, and to discuss your specific needs.

Charles C. Clear III

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