Chase Farm Tree Painting - Plein Air, 12″ x 16“, Oil on Canvas, Painted July 2016, Chase Farm, Lincoln, Rhode Island by Artist Charles C. Clear III

Chase Farm Tree Painting – Plein Air
12″ x 16“, Oil on Canvas, Painted July 2016
Chase Farm, Lincoln, Rhode Island
by Charles C. Clear III

This Tree Painting was painted en plein air at Chase Farm in Lincoln. Chase Farm is a big open space conservation area with rolling hills, green trees, a big pond ringed by pines, a butterfly garden, and many picturesque views of the countryside on this historic stretch of Great Road. Right in the center of all this beauty is a giant sycamore tree. It stands tall and majestic with its patchy white bark gleaming in the sun; its many arms outstretched to heaven. The base of the tree is enormous – it has to be at least eight feet in diameter! It’s a marvel when you see it in person.

In July of 2016 I was working on a portrait commission. It was a meticulously detailed memorial portrait – very labor intensive – and I was spending all my time in the Studio. I decided to take a break from painting and go…..paint….outdoors. In the late afternoon of July 27th I packed my gear and went to Chase Farm. I walked up the gravel road and stopped at the base of this magnificent tree. I set up my easel and got to work. This would be the second time that I’ve painted the base of this sycamore tree.

Following a quick charcoal sketch, I painted the sky, the hills, and the grass. The bark of the tree I saved for last. It has so many wonderful colors and they all seem to occupy their own space. There’s not a lot of blending in the bark – just dabs of color. This was fun to paint!

Prints of this painting are available in a variety of sizes. This original painting was sold to a collector from Massachusetts.

Charles C. Clear III

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