Blue Sky Ceiling Mural, 18' x 9', 2007, Private Residence, Lincoln, Rhode Island, by Artist Charles C. Clear III

Blue Sky Ceiling Mural, 18′ x 9′, 2007
Private Residence, Lincoln, Rhode Island
by Charles C. Clear III

This Blue Sky Ceiling Mural serves two purposes: First, to beautify, second to minimize the aesthetic impact of the multiple lights, speakers, and heating vents which are concentrated in this area.

A good mural of a sky must always take into account the height of the ceiling. This ceiling is roughly 9′ feet off the ground, which means a viewer standing directly below would be looking at the work within a range of 4′ feet – which is close for something this size. The sky, therefore, had to be painted in very soft tones, for deep blues and sharply delineated clouds could easily overpower the viewer. In this case a whisper was more effective than a shout.

Charles C. Clear III

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